Triple Creek Development LLC

Conference Space in Sheridan Montana

The Moraine Center is a 1200 square foot conference facility with kitchen area, chairs and conference tables located in the Philanthropy River Building Suite 106 - 120 South Main Street Sheridan, Montana.

It is available for free use for the non profits in the Ruby Valley Community and for a small fee for organizations that charge for their event or businesses.

Conditions of use are as follows:

Users must reserve the conference center by contacting

206-362-2430 or email

If the date is available users must fill out and sign the Short-term User agreement (Below)
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Terms of Use – Clean and ready to use

The Moraine center is provided for use in a clean and ready to use condition for the benefit of all users. All persons or entities using the room must return it in a clean and ready to use for the next group. By using the facility the user agrees to clean the facility immediately following any event. Cleaning includes the following:

• Vacuum and sweep the entire area including bathrooms and entry ways

• Wipe down all tables and chairs

• Re-stack all chairs and return tables to the original position.

• Clean bathrooms

• Empty all trash cans and waste receptacles and remove from site

• Empty the refrigerator

If the user feels that the facility is not clean prior to use, user should contact building management prior to use. The user is still responsible for cleaning regardless of the condition unless management agrees ahead of the event to take responsibility. The user is responsible for providing all cleaning materials and supplies including vacuum cleaner and brooms. User agrees not to use paper towels from the bathroom for such purposes.

If at management’s sole discretion the facility is not returned in clean and ready condition a $100 cleaning fee will be assessed.

Proof of Insurance or waiver must be provided along with a signed contract of understanding.

This policy is necessary to allow all users to benefit.

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